Put a Ring On It

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It’s Song In My Head Wednesday! The song I’ve had stuck in my head for the better part of a month?

‘Single Ladies’ by Beyonce. I know, seriously, I know. I don’t want to like the song and I avoided the song for as long as I humanly could but then it was just EVERYWHERE and it was becoming a bizarre pop culture reference that I could no longer ignore.

And then there was Glee. One of my new favorite t.v. shows this season is  Glee, the disturbingly fun and funny comedy about a show choir in a small town high school. Since the episode aired where my favorite character managed to get the entire football team to do the Single Ladies dance ON THE FIELD during the last seconds of a football which stuns the opposing team into subservience and thus, Kurt Wunder Gay Kid, wins the game this song as been on a loop in my skull non stop.

Indie C and I are going to learn the dance. It’s going to be glorious. Also it’s going to be cringe worthy and a complete debacle, but fun!


Diatribe Tuesday – False Marketing

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Indie C and I have decided to expand the scope of Indie As to include all manner of things. Like movies, books, zines, designers, hand crafters, coffee, chefs and whatever else strikes our collective fancies. Since we both try our best to support Indie of all kinds we thought this blog would benefit from a wider net of interests.

That said, I bring you Diatribe Tuesday chock full of both diatribe-iness as well as a new angle. I want to talk about things that are marketed a certain way but aren’t actually what they’re being described as. Recently this seems to be the case with movies. Specifically movies I’m watching.

First there was Sunshine Cleaning. If the trailers where to be believed it was a funny and light hearted if somewhat dark comedy about sisters who clean up crime scenes in New Mexico. There are sisters who clean up crime scenes in New Mexico. It’s certainly dark. There was even a couple of slightly funny parts. Overall though? Agonizingly sad, heart wrenching and tear jerking. I left the theater feeling like someone punched me in the stomach.  A wonderful movie, but I went in expecting a comedy and came out needing therapy and a hug from someone I love.

Then there was Away We Go, I’ve seen two distinct sets of trailers for this film. In most of them this is marketed as a funny movie about a young couple trying to decide where to live when they find out they’re having a baby. Again, there is a young couple trying to figure out where to live when they find out they’re having a baby. There are funny parts. All the funny parts are in those few trailers though and the rest of the film is pretty sad. There’s a man who’s wife leaves him to raise their daughter on his own, there’s a couple with a host of adopted children whom they adore but they continue having miscarriages when they try to have their own, the funniest part of the movie was the new age-y cousin or something who breast feeds while walking around and refuses to use strollers. The second set of trailers I’ve seen for this movie depict it as a quirky ‘coming of age’ for the grown up set. Saying specifically that the father of this unborn baby has a lot of growing up to do. Which may be true, but in the actual movie it’s both the parents who are trying to find their place in the world and figure out how to get their shit together in time for the baby.

Most recently we saw Where The Wild Things Are. That beautiful bastion from my childhood about a young boy on an adventure with Wild Things. This movie was absolutely positively beautiful. Stunning to look at. Remarkably well made and well acted. Even the kid who played Max had an eerie depth of personality that shone on the screen. NOT A CHILDREN’S MOVIE. The themes that are not directly expressed in the childrens book; loneliness, longing, a feeling of not belonging, are all very much expressed in the movie. The imagery is beautiful and moving but for a child I think it would go over their heads. Small children would probably be scared of the Wild Things (especially since they’re very aggressive in this movie) and older children would simply be bored with the pace of the movie and lack of interesting things to look at. When we were at the movie 2 young boys, probably 9 or 10 years old, where running around the theater obviously bored with the movie. (That’s a whole different diatribe for a different day.)

Film makers/advertising execs I implore you, make trailers that reflect the true nature of the film you’re trying to corral us into seeing. I would still have seen all three of these films without the false pretense but I would have gone in prepared with tissues and the mental fortitude needed to deal with dead moms, miscarriages and sad runaway children.


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I want to just be up front about this. I AM GOING TO SEE MORRISSEY ON DECEMBER 4TH. So I was just going to be cool about this and just post two videos every Monday one non and one Morrissey/Smiths video. I cannot. (I’m sorry D) So until then and probably the Monday after, every Monday will be devoted to the Mozzer. In December, it will be time #8 and I cannot be more excited. Why? BECAUSE THIS IS THE TIME I AM GOING TO TOUCH HIS FUCKING HAND.

I will leave it at that for now and let you all enjoy two (actually more than) videos from the best show I saw June 2007 at the Pearl in Las Vegas.

The Last of the Famous International Playboys

I’ve Changed My Plea to Guilty


and one more (my black heart is kinda bursting with joy right now)


Song in My Head or Something Wednesdays

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I can’t believe it’s been over 20 days since we have updated…

Anyway, on Wednesdays we are going to love on a song or something that has been stuck with us and cannot shake.

My pick this week is “El Caminos in the West” by Grandaddy. The weather in Las Vegas has finally cooled off and when that happens I tend to dig back into some nice calm indie rock. Last week, this song popped into my head and won’t let go no matter what I listen to. This song makes me wish I lived in California or was on the beach. It isn’t a summer fun time song by no means. Musically it’s sunny and blowy with lyrics that are yearning for stability. This song represents everything and every one I love and can’t shake at the same time. I love it and I hope I never forget about it again.

Here’s a live performance from Jimmy Kimmel:

Video Monday 9/21

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After my last video monday bit me in the ass, I decided to post a quick one with minimal explanation. D and I saw the Yeah Yeah Yeahs this past Saturday and had an amazing time. There weren’t any clips of it on youtube but I snagged this live performance of “Miles Away” from 2006.

Our next show is Lightning Dust, whose record I have fell completely in love with this year. I am going to go downtown to fight against the hipsters to see them and I can’t wait. This is “I Knew.” I adore the vocals on this record.

Let’s be real for a sec.

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I was born in 1980. Growing up, my parents listened to hard rock and hair metal. Needless to say, there weren’t a lot of women musicians period, let alone any to look up to. By the time the mid to late 80s rolled around, Heart was no longer the harder edged Barracuda spitting band. They were toned down. Lita Ford. Do we need to revisit her outfits? She had talent but she wasn’t taken seriously and Joan Jett wasn’t really on my radar.

I didn’t have any cool older siblings, I didn’t know about our college station and the two hours of indieish stuff they played and our local alternative radio station played the most mainstream alternative so I didn’t get turned on to even cooler music. I did most of my music research (pre-internet) by looking at every music magazine at the grocery store and watching Alternative Nation and 120 Minutes faithfully. 120 Minutes did lead me to some bands that I still love today: Sonic Youth, Placebo, Bjork, PJ Harvey and Tori Amos. Riotgrrrl didn’t come onto my radar until years later thanks to some feminist friends and the internets. I wish it did a lot sooner but that is for a different post.

The first woman musician that really made it all click for me was Courtney Love. It was about time too. I never realized that women could play the guitar with as much aggression and scream and yell and be better than most of the boys. I loved the singles from Live Through This but what cemented it for me was Hole Unplugged. I didn’t know most of the songs but by the end of the summer I knew them like the back of my hand. I watched my vhs tape with it recorded on there several times a week. I convinced my mom to let me take guitar lessons because of Courtney. I wanted to feel that power. Something of my own to wield around like that.

Finally my mom gave me money to buy a tape and I got “Live Through This.” I remember driving home from our annual family trip back to the motherland (South Dakota) and listening to that tape over and over. I loved that Courtney screamed “FUCK YOU” and thinking “if only my mom knew what I was listening to, she would not care for it at all.”  Nice girls didn’t swear or be aggressive like that.

Love her or hate her but from the mid to late 90s, she was fantastic. She may have been a bit of a mess but fuck she was out there and she wasn’t dicking around. Her voice was heard. She has lost a lot of that power to me and I am saddened over it but that is also for a different post. The 14 year old girl inside of me still loves her to death and wishes she would make a comeback and take back her crown. So I am going to leave you with a few videos from Unplugged. I know it will inspire unhappiness starting with my bestie and blogmate and probably to most people that read this but here we go…

Drown Soda

Sugar Coma (possibly my favorite)

…the formally ‘lost’ Nirvana song “You Know You’re Right”

Shit You Should be Listening to

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After a long hiatus from listening to music (I was on a talk radio and podcast kick all summer) I’m back into music and discovering and rediscovering really awesome shit.
So here’s my short list of shit you should be listening to right now:
ApSci it’s hip hop (kind of.) I heard ‘Crazy Crazy Insane’ on an episode of All Songs Considered on NPR awhile ago and recently downloaded their new album ‘Best Crisis Ever’. Crazy Crazy Insane is still my favorite track but Under Control is a close second.

The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s new album It’s Blitz is fucking fantastic. I heard it awhile ago and liked it alright, but wasn’t super in love. I haven’t been able to turn it off for the last two days. Favorite tracks: Heads Will Roll and Hysteric and Dull Life.

I don’t understand Karen O’s penchant for dressing like a Big Gay Disco Ball, but I don’t care as long as she and the rest of the band keep putting out awesome albums.

And lastly, The Arcade Fire. I’ve been reveling in the awesomeness of ‘Funeral’ though I need to probably give ‘Neon Bible’ a good solid listen. Crown of Love has been officially added to my Wedding/Funeral mix.

So that’s the shit you should be listening to.